About Babkas

Babkas are the latest craze. From New York City to Portland, this Eastern European and quintessentially-Jewish pastry has become a cosmopolitan dessert. The New York Post dubbed it “The best Jewish dessert you’ve been missing out on” in their review of two of Manhattan’s most popular BAKERY babkas. Bakery–as in, commercial stuff baked by random bakers, who perhaps know a thing or two about baking from their tenure in fancy culinary schools, but I can guarantee you they have never tasted an authentic Hungarian babka the way your bubbe made it.

I have. And I have been baking these for years. This, my dear customers, is the way babkas should be–handmade and baked with love.

My babkas are handmade and Kosher, and they are made with the highest quality ingredients. I am meticulous about cleanliness, especially when baking. No one, other than Her Highness, is allowed to touch the babies or breathe next to them.