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Chocolate Kokosh Cake


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The Babka gets all the hype these days, but her humble sister, the Kokosh Cake, was all the rage when I grew up. Formed into a tight log, the Kokosh sits lower than the Babka and has fewer nooks and crannies. But similar to the Babka, the Kokosh Cake is made with a yeasty, brioche-like dough. I use the freshest ingredients, finest Dutch cocoa, Belgian chocolate chips and real vanilla beans. The Kokosh is smothered in chocolate, more so than the Babka, and is topped with a crispy, buttery struesel. Makes for a perfect morning snack with your coffee, and is easy to slice and grab for a snack on the run. The two logs will be gone before you count to ten.

They last up to six months in the freezer and at least a week at room temperature. At two pounds, these two logs serve six to eight.

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