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Nutella Babka


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Please note: as of November 2018 all of my Babkas are dairy. Please contact me if you would like to order Pareve Babka.


Nutella goes well with many food items, but I can’t think of a better shidduch than nutella and babka. This rich, sweet hazelnut spread is the perfect accompaniment to my crispy dough. Add a sprinkling of chopped pecans and walnuts, and this babka becomes the pastry of a nutella lover’s dreams.

The dough itself is made with the freshest ingredients, and its yeasty inside and crisp exterior tastes like no other. The thin layers of dough, thick layer of nutella with a sprinkling of chopped nuts are rolled into a tight log and topped with a crispy streusel. Perfect for your morning coffee, served warm with a scoop of ice cream for dessert, as a gift to a host, or as a fix for the nutella addicts!

They last up to six months in the freezer and at least a week at room temperature. At two and a quarter pounds, this loaf serves eight to ten.

Allergy Alert: This product contains nuts.

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